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The X-cats

X-Cats_800pxMy first submission for Three Human Beans a little project I have with Luisa Uribe and Alex Sarmiento. Go visit :)

Sketchbooks compilation 1


Mickey and Mallory

Micky and Malloreymalory_jump_827px_300_nowwwmikey malorie_827px_300

Tinman draws

This comes a little bit late, but before next Friday (tomorrow) I want to catch up with Tinman draws. Last week was anime, my first thought was Serena Sukino (off course). But I kind of felt there where going to be a few, so I decided to draw one of the best TV series ever!!! Ranma 1/2ranma_800px_150dpi


The pirates of dark water fan art

I used to love this show. Sadly enough it was never finished, so we never get to watch the end. Here’s the Spanish intro : )