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Microcosmos (microcosms)  + Friends.friends_75dpi_1200px

Buffy and Spike’s date

This week’s mix and match universes are: Buffy the vampire slayer + BDSM. The true is I never really watched the show, but after a little bit of research and an episode here and there… This was what came to mind. TumblrKinky_Buffy_72dpi_600px

This week in Three Human Beans: cthulhu + metal \m/!!!

Is there anything more evil that Cthulhu?… Cthulhu metal head! Tumblr.metalhead_20

Three Human Beans mix and match: Adventure time + Mambo

For this one I ended up doing two. One in colored pencils and the other one digital. I was thinking what would Princess Breakfast wear if she would be at a mambo party? Festival?mambo_3 mambo_colorpencil_700px_150dpi

Three Human Beans mix and match: Godzilla + Renaissance

godzillaWhat if Godzilla would have lived in the Renaissance era? Tumblr.