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Life drawing

I’m organizing my space digital, and physical. I figured it’s time to put some of the best Life drawings out,  let a lot go, and just keep practicing :). Some are quite old.Life drawing GRP_2 Life drawing GRP_1 Life drawing GRP_3 Life drawing GRP_5 Life drawing GRP_4


Dr. Sketchy and Toons on Tap favorites

Some (pretty) old and not so old life drawing favorites from Dr. Sketchy and Toons on Tap groups. To check some photos of these sessions you can go to their facebook page. So long Dr.Sketchy (Toronto)!


Microcosmos (microcosms)  + Friends.friends_75dpi_1200px

Buffy and Spike’s date

This week’s mix and match universes are: Buffy the vampire slayer + BDSM. The true is I never really watched the show, but after a little bit of research and an episode here and there… This was what came to mind. TumblrKinky_Buffy_72dpi_600px

This week in Three Human Beans: cthulhu + metal \m/!!!

Is there anything more evil that Cthulhu?… Cthulhu metal head! Tumblr.metalhead_20