Three Human Beans mix and match: Adventure time + Mambo

For this one I ended up doing two. One in colored pencils and the other one digital. I was thinking what would Princess Breakfast wear if she would be at a mambo party? Festival?mambo_3 mambo_colorpencil_700px_150dpi

Ilustradores con la Guajira/ Illustrators supporting La Guajira

This week we took a break from our project (Three Human Beans) to support this small internet effort to raise awareness into this terrible issue: Colombia’s pipes to nowhere: villagers die of thirst as corruption stalls dam project, The Guardian article. Click to see full size.



Three Human Beans mix and match: Godzilla + Renaissance

godzillaWhat if Godzilla would have lived in the Renaissance era? Tumblr.

Never Ending Story + Zombies

It’s important to explain that in our Three Human Beans Tumblr project we have two lists: One of characters, the second one: Universes/Contexts. And we randomly mix them. This particular image came from playing with the idea of AURYN, where two mythological serpents, bite at the other’s tail.NES_zombie

Pride and Prejudice, Skins style

Reference image linkPride_and_Prejudice_2_150dpi